Tavous Rug Company carefully selects and imports antique rugs from the Middle East, India, Russia, and China.


Handmade + Antique

Our rugs range from 50 to 120 years old, and have been purchased directly from their original owner.

The age of each rug is determined by evaluating the overall design, color, material, and region of origin. All ages advertised on our website or in-store are a close approximation which could vary by up to 10 years.

Each rug is handmade and unique. A handmade rug is one of a kind. Due to the handmade, antique nature, there may be minor flaws or signs of wear, adding to the character of each rug.


Persian Rugs + Kilims + Runners


Our collection includes many kinds of rugs, but primarily Persian Rugs and Kilims.

View a sampling of our collection and learn more about each type of rug below, stop by our shop in Columbia, SC.

Persian Rug


Persian Kilim Rug


Persian Runner