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Tavous Rug Company offers appraisal services for vintage and antique rugs. 


With over 30 years experience importing antique rugs, we are able to evaluate every detail - color, pattern, symbol, type of wool - to determine the region of origin and age of your rug.

The Texture of a rug is an indicator of the country or region of origin. The type of Wool + Thread used can even show us the city of origin. 


Color + Design signal the age of a rug. Modern rugs are often made with artificial dyes, while antique/vintage rugs are made with natural, plant-based dyes. Modern designs are inherently different from older rugs, as styles change throughout the years.

While there is no official algorithm or data pool to help us determine the age or origin of a rug, Tavous Rug Company leverages its 30 years of experience in acquiring, selling, and restoring antique rugs from around the world to help you appraise and learn about your rug.



Interested in having your rug appraised?

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